Five Seconds of Summer (5SOS) is an Australian band that formed in 2011 and posted videos on Youtube. But they rose to fame in 2014 when their song "She Looks So Perfect" went viral.

Members Edit

Luke Hemmings- Lead vocals & guitar

Michael Clifford- Guitar, vocals

Calum Hood- Bass guitar, vocals

Ashton Irwin- Drums, vocals

5SOS fam Edit

  • Marley :3 ( Even though I said I hated them, I grew to love them...Ashton Girl!)
  • Krissy <3 (FINALLY A 5sos PAGE!!! Yas and hey there marls, im the biggest ashton girl, stay away from my bae.) (Ok, I'll be a side chick- Marley)(yall r both side bitches im his wife bye - claire)
  • Claire <3 (I want all of 5sos inside m-my house ahaha)

Random FactsEdit

  • Luke was born on the 16th July 1996
  • Michael was born on the 20th November 1995
  • Calum was born on the 25th January 1996
  • Ashton was born on 7th July 1994
  • Luke is a fan of the band 'Greenday'
  • Began to become more known when 1D tweeted about them
  • They write songs
  • Michael likes to dye his hair different colours
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