Its Kent, giving u dinks some news. Me, Claire, and Shay are rebooting Nutta's fic, Auslly Academy! It was Nutta Butta's story from last year about if we all attended the same high school. We are looking for users to be added! PUT YOUR NAME (fake names ok too) AND YO USERNAME HERE.

Sign Up!Edit

  • Victoria Turner - VivianBlack268
  • Alicia Marie Ratliff -ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl
  • Annalise James - SmallTownGirl2000
  • Katie Sims - Jincz
  • Alexandria - AusllyRaura2014
  • Avril Abbey Dawn - Foreverauslly2011
  • Brianna Marano - HeartsAndKisses
  • Erin Franta - LovingTheBeatles
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