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A girl named Carrie buys an old mirror that is believed to transport to the parallel universe,but she doesn't believe that. One day,she looked at the mirror and falls into it,going into the parallel universe along with friends Lily and Lucy. They meet their alternate selves and stay there for a while. Alternative Carrie,Lily,and Lucy sneak out of their universe by taking the mirror and it gets back to normal. They try to live like their alternate selves and try to wait for the mirror to open. Will they make it in time before it's too late?


Sweetcupcakes12 (Liz) as Carrie Tyler/Alternate Carrie Tyler-Carrie is a smart,girly,good girl,and problem solver. She ends up buying a mirror and goes into the parallel universe with her friends. Alternative Carrie Tyler is not that bright,tomboy,fighter,and occasionally a little bit rude. When finding out her mirror can take her to another universe,she takes her friends along with her. 
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Carrie Tyler (right) and alternate Carrie Tyler(left)

Madi60517 (Madi) as Lily Jennings/Alternate Lily-Lily is a sporty,tomboy,funny,and talented girl. She goes with her friends,Lucy and Carrie to the parallel universe. Alternate Lily is lazy,ditzy,and clumsy girl. She sneaks out with alternate Carrie and Lucy to another universe. 
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Lily (right) and alternate Lily (left)

TBA as Lucy Price/Alternate Lucy Price-Lucy is a girly,shy,hardworking,and A+ student who also volunteers a lot. Lucy goes with her friends to the alternate universe and meets herself. Alternate Lucy is a tomboy,loud,lazy,and failing student. Alternate Lucy also goes with her friends,alternate Carrie and Lily to the other universe.
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Lucy (right) and alternate Lucy (left)

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