Adopt a Pony

Welcome to Equestria my fellow wikiers! The place where frendship is MAGIC!! Here you can find our fellow pony/unicorn/pegsus/alicorn friends :D (yeah I know alot of /'s) All they want to do is be your friend! You can adopt ponies like the epical Rainbow Dash, the fashion foward Rarity, the animal loving Fluttershy, the smartical particle Twilight Sparkle, the country gal Apple Jack, or the bubblie Pinky Pie! Everypony deserves a friend! Adopt one today!!

The Ponies/Unicorns/Pegasi/Alicorns! (I know I get there are a lot of /'s)Edit

No limit, take as many as you want 8D Just add your name :D

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