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Hey guys! So, I made this page because I know we all love fan fics a loooottt, and there are so many to choose from! I thought it would be cool to make a page where we can share all of the awesome fan fics we have read! :D 

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Austin & Ally A Love For Music With Austin now dating Kira and Ally hoping to move on in order to protect their friendship, will everyone be able to handle the pressure of music deadlines, new love and a force that might just threaten to tear them apart? This is how I would make season 2 and picks up right after the girlfriends episode.
Austin & Ally Falling For You Austin Moon a 24 year old music sensation has to take care of his 1 year old daughter, alone. Ally Dawson a 23 year old girl who is having a tough time. When Austin hires Ally as a nanny, will feelings develop or will they be "just friends"?

Show Fanfic Description
Austin & Ally Christmas Things AU. The holidays are just around the corner. Ally Dawson was prepared to spend it alone this year, as sad as that sounds. She was not, however, prepared for her new, attractive blond neighbor suddenly taking an interest in her life.
Austin & Ally Peacocks & Pandemonium Austin treats Ally to the concert of her dreams for her birthday – Katy Perry! But when Katy invites them to join her on stage for one song, Austin gets a little surprise from his friend and partner… A night full of Auslly!
Austin & Ally Don't Wait Up AUSLLY ONE SHOT. Nightclub naughtiness.
Austin & Ally All For Austin You can be so oblivious sometimes. It didn't matter to me of how you hated my appearance, how you seemed to have forget our past together. It's okay though, because I still give you my all. Everything I own, even me, it's all for you.
Austin & Ally How to Change a Bad Boy Austin Moon is a lonely teenager with a heart-wrenching past. Ally is a studious girl with a curious side, and Austin just peaked her curiosity. Will Ally be able to change his bad boy ways, or will his past put both of them in harm's way?
Austin & Ally The Marriage Project When one of the health teachers decides to partner up students to be in a 'pretend marriage', Ally Dawson gets partnered up with flirtatious popular boy, Austin Moon. Oh, what could go wrong?
Bleach Ever After So many people don't get their fairytale ending. Is it worth it to put on the glass slippers knowing that real life awaits after the ball? Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ichigo, a girl named Rukia, and a world of death in between...

Show Fanfic Description
Austin & Ally One More Night Post Parents & Punishments. After Austin risked it all to sneak out and perform at Ally's fundraiser, Ally feels the need to say thank you… in her own special way. But what becomes of their friendship when things go just a little too far, and they just can't get enough?
Austin & Ally Up & Away RAURA with a hint of AUSLLY. What happens when, on Ross & Laura's private plane ride home from promoting the show in Australia, Laura is sent a link to a naughty fan fic by a fan? What's more, what happens when she finds the guts to read it and her body reacts in such a way that she just can't control herself?
Austin & Ally Be Mine Pizza, Wine, Chocolate, Chick Flicks, and Relationship Talk - Just one way for two young, horny, adults to spend Valentines Day together. Friendship is always enough, right?

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