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Back in the Mask is an upcoming American superhero fantasy action comedy flim and is the sequel to the 1994 movie The Mask and the 2005 flim Son of the Mask. The flim will star Jim Carrey reprising his role as Stanley Ipkiss, who was also the main character of the first flim but not the second which also did not feature Carrey. It is the third installment in The Mask franchise and it will be directed by Chuck Russell who also directed the first flim. The flim is set to be released soon in theaters in 3-D.


In an interview with the director he told alittle about the plot of the second flim. The story will revolve around the life of Stanley Ipkiss, living a peacful life in Edge City along with his newlywed wife Tina Carlyle played by Cameron Diaz. The two now living in a peacful neighborhood along with his pet Russell Terrier Milo. But Ipkiss soon finds himself losing his charm when he starts having a bad streak of luck. Carrey eventually finds himself in a argument with Tina when he refuses to meet her relatives at dinner. Tina gets upset and suggests that maybe her and Stanley were not ment to be and says "we're done!" She packs her things and moves out. Stanley becomes sad and realizes he never had "it" all along. Stanley remembers those days when he wore the magical mask that made him a real man with never ending good luck. He begins to miss that mask and wonders where it is now. We then cut to a scence where the mask is washed up once again on the shore of Edge City. Stanley is there taking walk on the beach with Milo talking with him about what he did wrong. Milo then runs off and Stanley yells for him and chases after him. He then led him to the mask on the beach covered in sand. Stanley is shocked to find the mask once again after all these years and begins to get excited he then runs home and finds out he has been promoted to an office in Las Vagas. Stanley realizes his streak of good luck is back now that he has the mask he then kisses Milo and says, "Hey, Milo, we did it, buddy!" Stanley decides to test his charms at a exclusive dance club with the magical mask once again. The next morning Stanley wakes up and finds two girls in his bed. He's chuckles and gets out of bed. He then prepares to move to Las Vagas and then leaves Edge City along with Milo. Then, Stanley finds himself in a city of excitment and can not wait to live again!

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