Hey this is cats songs
Rock music

Hello Edit

I don't really need to speak to you but Hello You don't really like me but I just need to say Hello Hello Hel-l-o Hello You like hate me but I don't hate you back But I just came to say Hello Hellooo This is a moment to just say Hello They said to me that I should shut up But all I wanted was to say Hello! Hello woo woo They pushed me backwards and forwards But I just came to say Hello You don't like me Cause I Want To Say Hello But then I went and pushed them The Hello way And they said Hello And then I said LOSERS Hello!!!! Hello Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo

victorians Edit

Victorians Victorians Victorians Who's that looking just around the corner Victorians Vilions murders Victorians Who's ratings sweets and they are rough Victorians Pink blue and yellow Victorians No make up colour and Eltric Victorians Just bones from body Victorians So they put funky street lights and colours for the bones Police on the street so lets go Victorians

Chose Edit

If I had a chose I would be so happy but I needed to leave Miss all my friends cause ill be leaving but if I had a chose I would stay with them But if I wasn't leaving this house it would be amazing But I have a sad moment to never stop thinking about Cause If I have a chose U know ill be there but it is a sad moment to say goodbye A chose A chose A chose A chose is so sad I'm moving far away Cause it's only a chose Cause it's only a chose A chose A chose A chose

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