Crystal princess celestia by hampshireukbrony-d5vtt5n

A character not in the story. LOL :D

Here are the links and short descriptions of the characters!!!!!                     Some names are currently unknown. (Note: Only KPOP can edit this. Not to be rude, though.)

Queen Katherine (KPOP )------- Long, wavy, black hair. Wears (usually) long, blue dresses. Dark blue eyes. Her kingdom is called Waterdrop Kingdom. Her magical pets are a dolphin, named Misty, and a small blue butterfly, named Maurice. 16 years old.

Wind Queen(Fan fan Boo)--------

Queen Thalia Rai (Bombom)---------- 19 years old. Long wavy hair, with blond hilghtlights, and hazel eyes. A long, shiny, red dress, and really shiny flats. Pet phoenix (male) named Fawkes, and a pet dragon (male) named Magma. Her kingdom is called Fireheat Kingdom.

Ice Queen (Lola)----------- Her kingdom is called Snowy Kingdom.

Animal Queen (Perry )----- 16 years old. Her kingdom is called Wilderness Animal Kingdom.

Nature Queen (Swiftie )----- Her kingdom is called the Kingdom of Nature.

Sun Queen (Mia Boo)-------- Her kingdom is called Sunshine Valley Kingdom.

Queen Phoebe Stone (MusicMel )------ Medium length, wavy, light brown hair, with blond tips. Sea green eyes. Sleeveless, silvery dress that goes just above the ankles, dark blue gladiator sandals. Her kingdom is called Moonlight Kingdom. 19 years old. 

Star Queen (Caroline:)Freak )-------- Her kindom is called Shooting Star Kingdom.

Creativeness Queen (KLA)---- Her kingdom is called Artistic Canvas Kingdom.

Randomness Queen (Veronica )----

Laughter Queen (Xoxokrystal )---------- Her kingdom is calles Joy & Laughter Kingdom.

King Mason (Charlie )--------- Brown, curly hair, and black eyes. Teal suit, with black shoes. His kingdom is called Kingdom of Happiness. A duck named Quack, and a bunny named Hoppy. 22 years old.

Queen Dimond (Izzy)--------Medium curly hair, with blond highlights and dark brown eyes. 16 years old.Puffy turquoise dress and gold heels. Has a pet baby panda named Fluff. His kingdom is called Kindness Kingdom.

Generosity Queen (I stole your cookies )----- Her kingdom is called the Kingdom of Generosity.

Animal Princess (Sarah Bear )------------------- She lives in Wilderness Animal Kingdom.

Fire Princess (Allypuppi )--------- Extremely long red hair, and turqouise eyes. She owns a flying dog (female).15 years old. She lives in Fireheat kingdom.

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