Since i've seen 2 people do, I'm making a show called, "Do We Even Care" :) Lol. It's about a couple of students
that survive school by not caring for those stupid tests and soceity. (Mostly Society) Don't judge :p


I know they'res not gonna be anyone, but just in case.

Shaynene16: Tiffany Staff 
Madi60517: Lily Harna
Allylovesaustin: Savanna Martinez
Mrs.NiallHoran13, Full name of my character is Ariana Rose.
AusllyRocking:  Rocky Hudson 

Foreverauslly2011: Ruka Minazuki

Comment if you wanna join >.<

I don't know how this works.....

ANYWAYS.. You state your full username and your character's full name.  xD I'm so lame 

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