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" Put on your elf costumes..." -Tagline R

Elf 2 is an upcoming 2026 American Christmas comedy film it is the sequel to the 2003 movie Elf. The film will star Will Ferrell as the main character, Buddy Hobbs. New characters will star as new elf workers comedians Jim Carrey and Kevin Hart will play as Buddy's long lost cousin. Elf 2 will be released in 2026

Plot and ProductionEdit

Will Ferrell told the public a little bit about the plot of Elf 2 in an interview. "Well, first of all, I wasn't a huge fan of getting back in that itchy elf suit, but hey if I get a lot of laughs it's worth it! But the plot is basically going to be about Buddy meeting his long lost cousins Lil' Elfie played by Kevin Hart and Tim played by Jim Carrey, so I won't be the only one rocking an elf outfit!" said Ferrell. Jim Carrey mentioned a little bit about his role and some more of the plot. "The story will indeed be epic as the trio of elves will have to settle their differences and work together to save Christmas as a mysterious force or at least that's all I can say it is for now, is making people grouchy and people are losing their Christmas spirit." says Carrey. Production for Elf 2 began after Ferrell got done filming Anchorman 2.


Jim Carray as William "Buddy" Hobbs

Jim Curry as Fruitkakede

Eddie Murphy as Lil' Elfie

Emma Stone as Jovie

Holly Hunter as Emily Hobbs

Ben Schwartz as Michael Hobbs

Tom Hanks as Santa Claus

Jim Cummings as Papa Elf

Danny DeVito As Walter Hobbs

Michael Bublé as Leon the Snowman

Michael Keaton as Miles Finch

John Cena as Fulton Greenway

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