This is a wiki show, i Marley got inspired to make a show, because of EVERYBODY LOVES CHARPIE! So I take no credit for the idea xD

Overview Edit

The series takes revolved around the evil group of the A&A and WYW Wiki "Evil Dorks"

Characters Edit

Marley Swift- The Leader of the Group, who is very sarcastic and evil >:) she is nice, but she can be the meanest person ever if you ever pressure her.


Madi Darena-Not the best planner. She comes up with insane ideas and cracks under pressure. She is secretly evil.

Allison "Ally" Raven- Is a huge diva. She is great at Karate, and she is not afraid to use her skills. She appears as harmless, but she is actually really painful and mean.

Violet Mitchell- Super sarcastic and evil. Is mean and isnt afraid to beat you up; Even a single kick or step on the foot can hurt.

Victoria Lynch: The very very dorky girl. She's got the brains! But she can be a jerk if you make her mad. And when she goes out on a person, you do NOT want to be that person.

Scream Lynch: The super sneaker. She can sneak around and spy on people undectected, which can come in handy with being evil. She loves to fight and show off her karate moves.


'If you want to add yourself to the series, Add a FAKE last name for your character, and select a celeb you want to represent your character :) 'Thank You! Please, Dont Forget to write your bio! :)

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Victoria Lynch (Forever)

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