Hellooo, so, recently in the past few weeks ive been going to Church, funny things have been happening there. I got the name of this page idea from Melody. are some funny things that have my Church xD

Funny moments

  • One time, about a week ago, me and my mom were in the back row of the Church, and we were singing, along with everyone else, and all of a sudden, we smell pee! It didnt take her that long to figure out that the smell was coming from a homeless man inside the Church xD
  • And earlier today at mass, the Deacon told the Priest something funny, and Father Rivera (the Priest) couldn't stop laughing! He was like: XD, he was turning red in the face xD 
  • and quite a few times, We've heard this one lady singing along in mass, and she is so off tune! I was trying SO hard not to laugh XDDD
  • So, today at Church, the Deacon was walking to the alter, and he tripped xD luckily, Father Rivera didn't notice XD
  • and also today, while one guy was walking back to his seat, he tripped over the kneelers! XD the people behind me laughed, and i tried my best not to laugh XDDD
  • And one time, when my mom went to confession, My mom went into the room where the Priest gives confession, she was like "hello Father" and Father Rivera was like "Hello! :D" which is funny because most of the time hes plain faced xD
  • Alright so, today at Church, i got to give the host to Father Rivera! And my mom got to give him the wine, it was an honour to go up to the alter. The reason why this is funny is because while we were in Church, mom told me she wondered the night before we went to Church "I wondered last night if we'd be able to give the host, and now we are!" Wow, God works in funny ways XD
  • And also today, there were a bunch of people coughing, blowing their noses, and babies going "WAAAHHH! WAAAAHHHH!" and i was thinking "THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME SOMETIMES!" XD 
  • So today at Church, We sang a few songs, and a lot of people were going off tune XD And also there's this old lady who always says the Rosary, and she always says "Thyne Wound Jesus" Instead of "Thy Womb Jesus" xD
  • And there was a different Priest there today. But Father Rivera is the one who is always  there. Father Rivera is probably from somewhere like Argentina or Brazil, So he has an accent. And its kinda hard to understand him, and he says instead of "Jesus", he says "Yeezus" XD XD

Well, these are all the moments i can remember for now. i'll see what happens next week at Church XD 8D

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