Helloooo! This is Madi. A comment on the Hey, What's Up? page said that Corey is leaving for the same reason as Hearts did. I'm really upset, because she's like my best friend. Now I can't see her often, as it is WAY harder to communicate on than on Wikia. Plus, I can very rarely get on Corey also has questions THROWN at her on there because she's reeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyy popular, and again, it's harder to communicate. I couldn't be more upset that she's leaving. So this is a goodbye card for her.



Corey, you were my best friend. I was really happy when you left that comment on the Victorious? wiki and we met. I'm soooooooooooooo -8000 years later- oooo sad you're leaving :( I'm going to miss you so much because you know how hard it is to the message boards, with having to get approved, and no notifications, ect. I can't believe this, just a minute ago I was happy about our conversation on your wall and now you might be gone. This is heartbreaking, I'm almost crying writing this.

Corey, promise me you know you will be missed and remembered well.



When I heard you were leaving I was even sadder because I JUST lost my grandpa yesterday & I don't wanna lose you! But then someone told me your parents decided this. You will be greatly missed because you are one of the best friends I have ever had. I just don't want this to be goodbye. I mean you are so cheery & stuff,so I didn't think you would leave. I can't even imagine the wiki without you. Seriously, I can't. Corey, if you don't come back, please always remember us because we will always remember you.

RIP (Return If Possible) Corey.

~ Rocky </3


Corey, I know we somewhat just recently met, but I'm so upset you have to leave. I'm so sad and was so sad when I found out. It happened so fast and I'm just- really sorry. I miss you so much already and wish you could come back. :( You're such an awesome and funny friend, and definately will be missed. :( :( Even though we knew each other for such a short time, I'm really gonna miss you. :( I remember when we we're still PMing each other and messaging HIM. He of course had to delete the thread, so we couldn't finish. :P You will always be remembered and I'll miss you so much, we all will... :( I'll miss ya, Corey AKA Coreet... :'(

Promise me you'll remember? Cause I never can forget.

~Megan AKA Megan Simms.


Corey, You Were One Of My Best Friends. You Were So Funny, Sweet, And My Arizona Friend! :P Our Wiki Won't Be The Same Without You, Love You, And I'll Miss You So Much!!!

~Jayla~ ):


NOOOOOOOOOO COREY :'( You were like, the first WYW Wikier I met (besides V, C, and T of course) and one of the nicer people here (not saying no one else is nice, just saying that she is part of the nice people) and I'm going to miss you A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :'( Come back soon!!!!! Pweeeeeeeeez!

Missing you right now

~ Nutta of da Buttas


Corey, I can't believe you are leaving. It breaks my heart. This wink will not be the same without you. I don't even feel like my life will be the same without you. It sounds crazy, but, I really feel close to you. I can't tell you how much I'm gonna miss you. But I'll try to tell you... I will miss you sooooooooooooooooo (x1,000,000) much. You are an amazing, fun, sweet person. I have never talked to anyone the way I talk to you. You don't know how excited I get when you come in thechat room. And I always look forward to talking to you if I'm happy or sad. Its just so fun talking to you. Things will never be the same without you... Thanks again for leaving a message on my wall that first time, Corey. I didn't know we would become so close. So I guess you get the point, but let me just finish up... You are so sweet, fun, hilarious, and amazing. Thanks for being there for me. Love you. Enjoy yourself. Don't forget about me. Maybe we can talk on twitter someday...


Sorry I could never tell you my real name. I would love to, but I would also get caught. But I know oi don't call me Melody so...


I'll miss you forever <3


Corey. You were one of the best wiki friends I ever had. You're really Awesome and Obessed with Food. You're also really funny. The convos we had were funny and random. We have known each other back on the A&A Wiki and you were just as friendly. I DONT WANT YOU TO GO! I DONT WANNA LIVE WITHOUT YOU FOOD LOVING BUDDY! Hopefully we'll talk again soon. :(

Keep Shipping Raura & Auslly,



Corey, when I first met you I thought to myself. YES ANOTHER BOY! Then I started wondering why your avvie was a dog when your name had cat in it. xD That made me laugh. I remember calling you Kitty Kitty. When I found out you were actually a girl I was like. That makes much more sense. You were and always will be an amazing friend Corey. Please never forget me. You are extremely funny and it sucks you have to leave so soon. I am going to miss you like crazy you big food lover Kitty Kitty xD Hope to speak to you in the future. Bye for now :'( Love ya Corey bye :( COREY'S DAD LET HER STAY YAI.

Goodbye VideosEdit

Replace Your Heart (The Wanted)

Replace Your Heart (The Wanted)


Rihanna - Stay ft

Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko


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