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What to Go As?Edit

Post your name in 3 ='s and then a poll if you don't know what to be!



In the past, I've been Tigger, -shudder- princesses, Hannah Montana (2010?), a werewolf (2011?), and Jake from Adventure Time (2012, with my stepdad as Finn. We got lots of attention XD)

2013-Rocker zombie!


2013- I am going as PIKACHU!!! 

If you don't know what pikachu looks like (which I am pretty sure most of you do) he looks like this

DIY Costumes!Edit

Can't find your costume, but you really wanna be that person? Or maybe, you just don't have the money? You're in luck! Look ahead.


Add your DIY requests

Mad Season GuyEdit

What You Need

  • Orange fabric
  • Cotton balls, stuffing, ect.
  • A white sheet
  • Ballet slippers
  • Wooden pull ducks (Like the one on the left here)
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread, tape, or a stapler
  • OPTIONAL: Peacock feathers

How It's Done

  • Fit the sheet over you and have someone cut a hole for your head
  • Position the sheet so it drapes over you like the dress on the guy
  • Cut arm holes
  • Cut the orange fabric into a circle bigger than the top of your head
  • Cut a line to the middle of the circle
  • Bend the circle together so it looks like a round hat and sew, tape, or staple it so it stays like that
  • Make 2 cylinders out of the orange fabric, and make sure 1 side is closed on each
  • Fill the cylinders with cotton balls or stuffing
  • Sew, tape, or staple the cylinders to the hat so they look like bunny ears
  • Paint the pull toy to look like a peacock and put on the feathers
  • Put on the ballet shoes
  • Done!


What You Need

  • 2 boxes bigger than yourself (One smaller than the other)
  • Paint
  • Scissors or a knife

How It's Done

  • Cut arm, leg, and head holes in the boxes
  • Paint the boxes
  • Pit it on and you're done!

Finn From Adventure TimeEdit

What You Need

  • A Finn hat
  • A Finn backpack (or any green backpack)
  • A Finn sword (or any sword)
  • A light blue t-shirt
  • Dark blue knee-length shorts

How It's Done

  • Put it on and you're done!
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