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My Inspiration For Songs...................................... XD FROGS! RIBBIT RIBBIT[]


Should I??? I need to know!!



The thing that inspires me to write a song is my life.....

And some of these things:

  • i sometimes write songs because of my love lifee

    its supper cool!!! :)

    Profile!!! :)

  • i sometimes write songs if i feel verry lonely....
  • i sometimes write songs if i feel emotional...

What comes to my mind when i write a song is of all the sad stories i've heard or the sad parts of my life. i start to remember the sad, fun, exiting, depressing memories of my past and i put it all through my songs....

when i write a song i get verry emotional and get a whole truck lode of pressure driven into my head but thats a feeling that i kinda like!!!! :)

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All Alone Until...[]

As i walk home

All alone

As i look around

No one to be found

As im on the phone

All alone

No one on the other end

No one i can defend

As i turn out the light

Hoping the darkeness wont fight

I always wonder

If i could be stronger

And as i look around

Still cant be found

So i wish upon a star

For everything you are

And how i walk alone

All the way home

Thinking am i alright

Will the dark night fight

As the sun rises

And its finally friday

Thinking am i insain

Am i the same

And yet im still walking

And yet im still calling

I was soo lonely

Then i saw someone with me

He was walking behind me

I was thinking so clearly

That im not alone

I dont need a home

Since he was right behind me

I was thinking of a journey

And his heart took me away

Was there something i would say?

I said.........

Take me away

Iv got no place to stay

Iv been looking up

Iv been looking down

Iv been looking all around

Take me to trinity

This is in reality

This is no fantasy

And i would also say..........

I just met you

I now love you

Take me away

In a verry train

Im not the sam

Your all i need..............


Sad Moments...[]

This is such a sad, sad, sad day, the sun

shining in a sad way, the very air I breathe

is sad, the music in my ears crying in violin

and sad theme, all comfort lost, security is

but a memory in the past

The flowers at my work station looking at

me sadly, yellowed leaves moving sadly

in the draft, even the ubiquitous office din

is sad, the smile on every mouth is sad,

sadness is creasing reality

Everything falling into tears and despair,

sadness overwhelming and no release

near, sadness colouring my soul until I

am wearing the deepest purple shroud

of loneliness where nothing else

See the sunlight shining bright

Over my sad day-dream world

Standing so close to oblivion

I can feel your heart beating.

It's like waking up to the end

Of a sad, sad, sad dream land

Kiss me hello and throw

My griefs to those sad, sad, sad dream winds.

Forget all the bad things for this moment

I swear I'll never let you fall alone

Together for just one more moment

Here in this forgotten moment.

The sad moment when war has come

One of the sad moment its from

You look around and notice the burning flame

And realize its nothing but you.........

I HOPE YOU LIKE MY SONG!! :) Hearts <3

The Sad Memory Times....[]

The sad times come to stay

There never far away

Seconds and minutes away

Hours and days away

Weeks and months away

Years and tears away

It is just a sad time away

From being sad all day

It comes as sad as it could

Anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Giving me a new identity

It is sad in all colours

Sad times to me reminds

Of happy times filled by smiles

Of love in the afterlife

Of happiness in sadness

Today I think Ill be sad

Tomorrow Is sure to be just as bad

I wonder when I will be again glad

Its not worth worrying or Im sure to go ...mad...   

I HOPE YOU LIKE MY SONG!! :) Hearts <3    

'Crazy Enough......' []

'I am crazy enough '

'to jump off a bridge for you'

'Even when i have '

'seen you only once.'

'I am crazy enough'

' to still be thinking about you'

'Even when i know '

'nothing of you at all'

'crazy enough '

'to build castles in the sky'

'crazy enough '

'to imagine you and me'

'crazy enough'

' to never see the lie of you'

'I am crazy enough '

'to stand in the rain so i might see you once more'

'crazy enough '

'to follow you home so i can see you for a while'

'and i am crazy enough '

'to want to be your'

'sickness so that you'

' might go unhindered'

'crazy enough '

'that no pain hurts me deeply'

'crazy enough '

'that i cant let go'

'i am crazy enough '

'to want to die for you'

'and there is nothing '

'known about you'

'i am crazy enough '

'to want to kidnap you'

'and watch you grow old '

'in the cupboard of my mind'

'crazy enough '

'to kill you so i might have you forever'

'crazy enough '

'to only think' if not mine no one else's '

'crazy enough'

' that i might want to haunt you'

'I am crazy enough'

'to hear what i want'

'crazy enough '

'to hurt you so i might love you more'

'crazy enough '

'to offer my soul for you'

'crazy enough '

'to want to be you'

'i am crazy enough '

'to say that i don't know you '

'except by sight but i love you all the same……….'


' Hearts Kitten <3'


One last dream,

of stayin on this universe

One last dream,

of being under this horrible curse

One last dream,

of loosing your hope

One last dream,

of being under the scope

One last dream,

of your self harm

One last dream,

of hurting her arm

One last dream,

of dying inside

One last dream,

of wanting to hide

One last dream,

of a hospital

One last dream,

of a lost soul

One last dream,

of thinking knowbody is there

One last dream,

of living in fear

One last dream,

of wanting to be dead

One last dream,

of harmful thoughts in my head

One last dream,

of giving up on myself

One last dream,

of not wanting help.............

I HOPE YOU LIKE MY SONG!! :) Hearts <3



Let get laughter

way out of yourself

Make the happy

sound awake

Laughter magic

and enchanting

Don't sustain

it in your soul

Let yourself

go into joy

May it help


And people

from wherever

Getting circled

always together

Laughter can be

a kind of help

A worthy enemy

to distress

Rise this

laughter so dear

To be heard

by human ears

Make it go on

around the world

Little chuckles

happy giggles

So many ways

of laughing

Don't fear the others


Let laughter way

out of yourself

Be assured 

laughter is magic

Open your heart

to this very

Very special

kind of sound

Let get laughter

way out of yourself

Make the happy

sound awake............

I HOPE YOU LIKE MY SONG!! :) Hearts <3


Time will come,

time will go

Time shall reap,

that time has sown

Time comes slowly,

time goes fast

Time will linger,

time outlasts

Time sees all,

time knows best

Time remembers,

time never forgets

Time will hide,

't'ime will reveal

Time will open,

time will seal

Time brings hope,

time brings fear

Time brings distance,

time draws near

Time will help,

time will hinder

Time will shine,

't'ime turns to cinder

We forget about time,

yet it's all we would know

In time, there is everything,

and time will show

I HOPE YOU LIKE MY SONG!! :) Hearts <3

 My Last Song....[]

I have no song

But still like to I sing

I let my voice

Hover on wing

For even though

My heart is fair

I have a song

That i still need to spare

The song I sing

It has no word

But far and wide

It's still wanting to be heard

The song i shall sing

Universal see

My songs of wild

Are always free

Sung by many

Sung by one

Sung beneath

A dying sun

The song of joy

Yet song of pain

Still a song of long nights

But in the rain

Song of battles

Song of strife

Song of death

But also life

I'll sing untill

I have no breath

And then I'll sing

My song in death

and then ill cry

till im now said.......