Hey guys its meeee Hearts!! :) <3 Edit

Some facts about me:

  • I am 12 years old and my B-Day is March 30th
  • I love cats as well as all animals
  • I love the band 1D
  • I love the color red, orange, and yellow
  • I have brown hair and brown eyes
  • My best friend on this wiki is @Allypuppi88! She is so sweet <3.....
  • I like writing songs and poems abut my life
  • I LOVE hearts :D

My friends :) Edit


Veronicalovesauslly4life, is a sweet girl who always expodes a big part of me that is called LAUGHTER!! She calms me and is super nice and sweet. She is also an admin. Veronica is 17 years old and loves hanging out with us on this wiki!!! :)

A list of words to describe Veronica are: Amazing, weird, funny, nice, silly, cool, helpful, beautiful, loving, caring, and understanding, 

Bombom6206,  is a very nice and sweet girl who I talk to everyday! She loves music and really loves ross lynch!! her real name is actually Esther. She likes football, and soccer. she is a sweet amazing girl who is 18 years old!!! :) 

A list of words to describe Esther are: Kind, funny, beautiful, understanding, caring, hardworking, strong, truthful, bright, happy, and giving

Allypuppi88, is a 14 year old sweet heart. she is my best sister friend. she is supper nice, funny and i think is the first person i met on the A&A wiki!! her real name is jayla and loves talking to everyone on this wiki!!! jayla loves all animals and espesially puppy's!!! @Allypuppi88 is as sweet as @Charlie!!!:) <3

PerryThePlatypusShipsAuslly, is a funny, kind, sweet 16 year old girl, who loves cartoons and the show Phineas and Ferb. She is amazingly funny and starts to get really sweet if you say something nice to her!! I love talking to her!!! She is a total Pokémon freak!!! She is also is a great @Admin :)

Dancegirl45 is a sweet and funny admin! She is the creater of the KPOP's Magazine!! and is 'soooooooooooooo sweet!!! She is incharge of the RWA's!!! 'She is a bright, kind user and loves talking to us in the Page de la Whatever !! :)

Abby Cat is a sweet loving girl who may be deaf but still loves that about her!! She comes on almost everyday and is kind and caring! Abby Cat is 15 years old and her B-Day is Feb 14!! :)

Swiftie is a sweet young girl who loves Taylor Swift. She is always so fun to talk to and is super funny! She is 12 years old. Swiftie is really amazing, kind, wonderful, and cool to talk to!! :)

I stole your cookies is a silly, helpful, beautiful young girl who simply LOVE's cookies!!! I sometimes call her the cookie monster because she steals my cookies. (joking)  She is soo funny that she pops the cookies right out of me!! She is also loving and caring!!! :)

Hi, It's Jayla, I Just Wanted To Say, That I Miss Hearts Like CRAZY. I Think About Her Almost Everyday, She Was My First Best Friend Here!! ): She, Along With Corey, Had To Leave Because Their Parents Didn't Approve Of This Wiki...So Never Forget To Say 'I Love You,' Because You Never Know When You Could Be Talking With Someone For The Last Time.. ;_; </3

Hey! I saw jayla's message & decided I decided to write one too. I miss Hearts SO MUCH & i wish she would come back. She is so amazing & a rossome friend. I am sad that she & Corey are gone just because of their parents. I also never got to thank her for making The Songwriters Wiki, & I will regret that forever. :'( Plz come back. RIP (Return If Possible) ~ Rocky </3 (btw I made that up Jayla just used it)

This is a song i wrote myself and i really hope you all like it!!! :) <3Edit

It took me 2 hours to write it!!! :)

You know how all songs have a special type of story or meaning to them??? Yah this is the meaning or story to my song!!!!!! :)

The song is about a little girl who is looking for her home because she doesn't know that she is a foster child. On her long journey to find her home all alone she notices a boy walking behind her because he is always alone too. They start to become best friends but then she realizes that she is in love with him!! Also she realizes that she doesnt need a home to feel safe and happy with, she has gotten all she needs and that is her best friend!! :)

This song is like a short story!!! :)

I thought that this was a really cute sad song!! :)

I wrote this song because its shows how the part of my life is!! :) (but im not a foster child) :)

its called:

All Alone Until...........Edit

Alone Until

As i walk home

All alone

As i look around

No one to be found

As im on the phone

All alone

No one on the other end

No one i can defend

As i turn out the light

Hoping the darkness wont fight

I always wonder

If i could be stronger

And as i look around

Yet i still cant be found

So i wish upon a star

For everything you are

And how i walk alone

All the way home

Thinking am i alright

Will the dark night hide

As the sun rises

And its finally friday

Thinking am i insain

Am i even the same

And yet im still walking

And yet im still calling

I was soo lonely

Then i saw someone with me

He was walking behind me

I was thinking so clearly

That im not alone

I dont need a home

Since he was right behind me

I was thinking of a journey

So his heart took me away

Was there something i would say....

I said...

Take me away

Iv got no place to stay

Iv been looking up

Iv been looking down

Iv been looking all around

Take me to trinity

This is in reality

This is no fantasy

And i would also say......

I just met you

I now love you

Take my away

In a verry train

Im now the same

Your all i need......


Smile Is A Sign Of...... <3Edit

This is a poem...

A smile is a sign of love, 'A smile is a sign of care,  A smile tells how much to others, You are important and also dear.

A smile is a sign of cheer, A smile is a sign of trust, A smile shows how you can, Be happy even in hard crust.

A smile is a sign of joy, A smile is a sign of hope, A smile teaches you how you can, Remove the clouds of mope.

For nothing but only a smile, Takes away your pain and trial, And pick your trouble's pile, And let you smile, smile and smile. Hearts <3

A Song by Victoria JusticeEdit

Victoria Justice-Cheer me up (With Lyrics) HD-0

Victoria Justice-Cheer me up (With Lyrics) HD-0


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