Sylvia's P.O.VEdit

I've always dreamt of meeting Brandy Johnson, but not like this!

"Oh, don't worry about.. whoever she is. I'm Brandy, nice to meet you!" Brandy said. "Ugh! You just interrupted me! I thought you'd be nicer then that!" I told her. I can't believe her! She just ignored me, and walked away. I started walking in front of her, to see what she was doing. 


Oh my gosh..

She.. she has dark powers. I can't believe this. That's why she was being mean to me. "Mom? Where are you?" I asked. "I'm over here, honey!" my mom said. I ran towards her. "Mom, you aren't gonna believe this! Brandy has dark powers!" I told her. "Honey, that's ridicoulous! No other person with dark powers has a daughter except.. The Queen Of Dark Magic.." She said. She looked worried. "What did you say her name was, again?" She asked. "Brandy Johnson, mom." I told her. "Hmm.. Brandy Johnson. Come on, let's hide. no-one can see us use our powers." She told me.

"Oh mighty gods, please send us to the ancient archives." My mom chanted the spell. We immediatly flashed to the Ancient Archives. "Brandy, is it?" she asked. "Yes, mother." I replied. 

I've never seen her look for something like this before, except for that time she lost her recipe book. That was funny. But, this time, it's serious. 

"Ugh, why must there be so many letter 'A's?" She asked. "I don't know." I told her.

"Ow!" she exclaimed. "Hey! It says Brandy Johnson on it!" I said. I took it away from my mom and looked in her file. 

"She is the daughter of the Queen of Dark Magic.." I said, shocked. "Promise me you'll never be around her alot, she'll get you under her bad influence." My mom said. "Yes, mother." I said.

I can't believe Brandy is the Queen's daughter..

~The end! I hope you liked my 4th chapter!~

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