Sylvia's P.O.VEdit


I'm Sylvia. Sylvia Jackson.

You haven't heard of me before, because I'm not popular. You might think I'm just a normal girl. But, I'm not. Please, forgive me, my parents, for revealing my secret. But, I had to reveal my secret sooner or later.

I have powers. Yes, that's right. But, don't worry! I have light powers! Not dark powers! So, you don't have to be afraid. Please, don't be afraid.

"Sylvia?" my mom asked. "Yes, mom?" I asked. "May you please come down here?" she asked me.  "Coming, mom!" I told her. Usually, when I'm at home, I can reveal my powers. So, I sang the song I have to sing to reveal my powers. That, I really need to keep a secret. I came downstairs.

"Guess what, honey! We are moving to Florida!" she told me. "Wh-what? I like living here!" I shouted. "Honey, Your dad got a promotion, and we need the extra money." she told me. "You can't make me! I'm staying in my room, whether you like it or not!" I shouted. My eyes turned red, and I stomped to my room. I looked into my mirror. I was shocked, my eyes have never turned red before. I went on my laptop and tried to be happy again, but the thought of moving can never get out of my mind.

~The end! I hope you liked my first chapter. :D~

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