Brandy's P.O.VEdit



I'm Brandy, Brandy Johnson.

You probably know me, from magazines and stuff. But, there's one little detail these magazines left out. I have powers. Yes, that's right. I have powers. You probably should be afraid, I mean.. I do have dark powers. But, come on. The dark powers are always the coolest. "Brandy! I command you to come down here!" My mom told me. "MOM. NO-ONE SAYS THAT ANYMORE." I shouted from my room. "I DON'T CARE, I AM STILL THE RULER OF DARK MAGIC, AND YOU STILL HAVE TO OBEY THE QUEEN'S RULES. NOW COME DOWN HERE." She yelled. "Okay, mother." I said, saddened.

"What is it that you wanted, mom?" I asked. "I wanted to tell you something." She told me. "What did you want to tell me, then?" I asked. "We're moving to Rhode Island!" My mom said, excitedly. "What? But mom, I like living in L.A. It's how I got famous, remember?" I told her. "BRANDY. YOUR FATHER AND I SPENT 3 MONTHS DECIDING IF WE WANTED TO MOVE, AND WE DECIDED WE DID. NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM AND START PACKING." She yelled. "Yes.. mother." I said.

Why does my mom have to be so mean to me? It's like I'm here subject, not her daughter. I know, she has dark powers and all, but, that doesn't mean she has to treat me like that.

~Feels Tear on her cheek.~

"Huh?" I asked. "I'm..crying. This has never happened to me before. Usually, I'm the one who makes people cry, not the one who's made cry." I said. 

I started bursting into tears, my mom doesn't treat me right. She wants me to pack, alright then. I'll pack. But, I'm not going to Rhode Island.

I'm going to Florida.

~The End! I hope you liked the second chapter!~

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