yo i kill rock.

le gasp

Most people would say, "About me", but this section has nothing to do with me[edit | edit source]

Yo dis be IC aka Icecream18 aka Icecream aka Aidan aka Secret Agent. Anyways, I'll tell you a but about myself. For startes, I'm a boy of many... talents. Well, I love to play video games, especially Sims 2 and My Sims. But I like Animal Crossing more than them because it steller and stuff no? See my club here.


Just wanted to get my point across.


AH GAH BLAH[edit | edit source]


Proud Brony[edit | edit source]

I am la brony.

And a simmer. Magic.

Romantic Shippings which I ship[edit | edit source]

ME! In My Sims!

Delly- Dez x Ally (Austin and Ally)

Tela- Tanner x Lela (Teen Beach Movie)

Ree-scal- Chee Chee x Rascal (Teen Beach Movie)

Laddie- London x Maddie (Suite Life)

Bondon- Bailey x London (Suite Life)

Love ya'll! Spaced Out Guy 06:11, August 12, 2013 (UTC)

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