Superwoman, aka Lilly Singh, is YouTuber with more than nine million subscribers. She also occasionally does rapping videos and has posted more than three hundred videos. She has collabed with some well-known YouTubers such as:

Connor Franta

Tyler Oakley


Miranda Sings


Random FactsEdit

  • She's a fan of Selena Gomez
  • She loves animal print
  • She doesn't believe in global warming (she might though).
  • Used to be allergic to peanut butter
  • She can't swim
  • She never swears
  • She cannot handle spices
  • She says the world "Shermurr" alot.
  • She has a lot of t-shirts.
  • Every time when she makes a hundred videos, she celebrates by creating a 'T-Shirt Referance' video
  • She's a vegetarian
  • She has never been stung by a bee
  • She's a cake decorator
  • She's very spiritial


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