Rain room

This is the rain room, located in London

Hey guys!, So i created this page because i love the rain, And actually rain makes me happy and sun makes me sad, So anyway, You know how fall is a season that can get a lot of rain right?. Well fall is like my favorite time of year (And also winter is my fave time too :P) There's just something about a cold fall day or early evening with lots of rain outside and orange leaves everywhere, It's just so amazing to me, So i decided to make this page about the Rain! :) here you can talk about how much you love the rain, ~Swiftie

If you're a Rain lover add you're name here:

Taylor Swifts Number One Fan (Swiftie)

Esther (BomBom6206)

Marley (Mrs.NiallHoran13)


Corey (CoolCoreyCat13)

Forever <3 (Foreverauslly2011)

Melody <3

Discofurby (although sun doesn't make me sad, I like all kinds of weather)

What The Rain Means To Me And Why I Love ItEdit

Well it inspires my poetry writing,  And for some reason the rain makes me happy and the sun makes me sad, (I know that for some people the rain makes them depressed, But look at the bright side, It's fun jumping in puddles :D it's fun getting wet, And maybe someday rain will cheer you up like it does to me), And i love it because it brings me peace, Rain is beautiful <3

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