Do you have any insecurities? Personally I (Tegan) am a very closed off person. I'm afraid to
reveal my insecurities and fears towards my peers. Although when I do reveal them, the person may not realize it, but it's an act of trust. But that might just be me. If you want, add your insecurities. (If you wish, you may do this anonymously.)

Our Insecurities/FearsEdit

I'm afraid of not living up to my families expectations. ~Tegan

I'm different from others in my school. ~Tegan

Pretty much everything. Just not being different. xxMadixx "I don't really think you've ever walked a mile in my shoes, I don't really think you know what I've been through."

I'm afraid of saying no -VERO, Melo, Tegan

I am afraid of not being able to make an impact on the world.

I am afraid to show some people who I am inside. But I am insecure about certain things so I can't let myself completely be free all the time.

With everything you all have mentioned above, still know that you're an amazing person, despite your flaws, fears, and insecurities. :) 

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