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This is my (KPOP ) new magazine! I really don't know how i got the idea,but i hope you like it!

HSM!!!![edit | edit source]

HSM, A.K.A. High School Musical, is an idea brought to you by MusicMel ! She thought of the idea!! That's right! Now go congratulate her! We currently don't know when auditions are, but hopefully they're soon!

To read more about HSM, click here.

Feautured User[edit | edit source]

The feautured user this week is.........(DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN) KLA! KLA is funny (more like hilarious),sweet,and kind!!! KLA really deserves being the feautured user! I will soon have an interview up for this section!

ANSWER THAT QUESTION[edit | edit source]

Do you like being asked questions? Do you like answering questions? Well,this is the perfect game for you! 

Who did Draco Malfoy marry????

Like my story/fanfiction?

Stories[edit | edit source]

Usually,if this wasn't my first issue,it would be someone else's story.If you want your story in next week's issue,tell it in the comments,and a few stories will be picked! Stories can be real-experiences,or just fiction!

No story this time! :( :O :o

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

Poll[edit | edit source]

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