OMG!!!!! DREAM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My One direction dreams

  •  well... I was in a bus and I was thinking of proposing to Louis and suddenly like Harry comes barging into the bus and starts selling chocolate cupcakes which were HEAVENLY and he said he opened a bakery and then later we go there and buy a million cupcakes.....
  • Louis Proposed to me and then later Niall proposed to Maria AND after that Ross propsed to Laura!!!!!!!! OMG!! That was the cutest!
  • I found my self to an 1D concert...ITS A LONGGG STORY
  • 1D , Maria and I wrote an entrance exam to a music school together in Australia.

R5 dreams!!!

  • One where Rydel accidentally called me when I had a sore throat and she thought I was Ross...and long story...
  • Where they showed up at me school and NO ONE knew who the hell they were..and whne Ellington came out I started screaming ALL sorts of stuff at him. XD and he came over and signed my lunch bag which had a cookie in it! XD I never saw Rydel ;(

Wiki Dreams!!

  • I met Charlie! And he showed me which tree Sam fell from and his told me his mom is rich and he has a GORGEOUS blue ferrari! XD
  • so at first..ROSS comes over and says hi to me..cuz we're gonna watch the fireworks..and like so we watch it..and i dont look at at that point he 22 is playing and we're singing and whatever...and like he has a really bad voice all out of key..and he like puts his arm around me...and pulls me so close and I look at him and I remember seeing brown hair...and then I put my arm around him...and that happened twice...and at last i felt that warm feeling.......and the dream ended...I DO NOT KNOW WHO THE GUY IS. HELP ME.
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