The Laughter Queen (name currently unknown), is a character in Crystal Kingdoms, a story in the works by Dancegirl45 (KPOP) . This character is Xoxokrystal's character.


The laughter queen, has dark, black-brown, curly hair, with pink and purple tips. She has tan/dark skin. She always wears her hair in a bun or a side braid. She has cat eyes, and a fringe. Her kingdom is called Joy & Laughter Kingdom.


She laughs a lot, tells jokes, gives advice, is happy, gentle, kind, loves dogs. She is also a bookworm. Her hobbies are writing, dancing, crafts, reading, cooking, fashion, trying new things, songwriting, and singing. SHe hates spiders, unhappiness, hate, anger, insults, and insects. She loves smiles, laughs, happiness, friendship, dogs, love, jokes, faith, and believing.

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