Hey what's up people :) It's me, Marley! :D I wanna tell y'all about my self! So start reading! 

About Me[edit | edit source]

Hey guys! He are facts about me!

  • I'm not single
  • I love food xD
  • I love Cher Lloyd
  • Taylor Swift & 1D are awesome!
  • My favorite Show is Glee
  • I have a thing for 90's songs!
  • I love Narwhals and Unicorns!

My Pets![edit | edit source]

(adding more soon)

Places To Find Me[edit | edit source]

Fantage- MusicalSoftball

Movie Star Planet- PurpleSParklesMarley

Wikia (main account)- Mrs.NiallHoran13

Wikia (Backup)- Chick-Fil-A-Tay

Moshi Monsters- epicaltigerswag




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  • Austinshipally
  • Ali Valentine
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  • Selenaroxx
  • (Not a wiki user) My awesome Sissy Kenlee :-D
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  • AusllyCupcake/Kittyfan
  • Charlie
  • Vero
  • Sam
  • Esther
  • Nutter
  • Brett
  • Perry
  • Harry Styles is mine
  • SarahBearLovesR5
  • Hearts
  • Cole
  • Sophia
  • KLA
  • Bobbie
  • Soup
  • Corey

(Add yourself to the list if I missed you! Xoxo)

My Awesome Gallery Of Totally Randon Stuff That I Really Love! Wow this is a long header. Oh well! HI-EEE!!Wow can this get any longer? Oh wait i'm making it longer... I better shut up now.[edit | edit source]

(None of those pics are from me)

This may be the best pairing ever aka Ryley[edit | edit source]

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