Hii! So, I've been feeling in a mood to write, I have no idea why. Let's see who will like this story. Also, this will be told in various point of views. Also, these are based off the characters of Teen Wolf, but it will not follow all of their traits, (powers, abilities) and will not follow the plot line. I will just be taking their names and personalities. 

3rd POV Edit

A girl, with strawberry blonde and pale skin, slams her hand on her alarm clock, groaning. 

"Lydia! Wake up!" Her mother calls from the kitchen. Lydia turns around on her bed, pulling her covers to her face.

"Do I have to!" She mumbles. 

"Yes!" Her mom says, now at her doorway. Lydia lets out another groan, then sitting upright. "Fine." She says, getting out of her comfortable bed. She does the usual, showers half awake, mentally groaning with her mouth slightly open. Finally, she hops out of the shower, engulfing herself in a cozy towel. She dances around her room, picking out the perfect outfit for the day. She sticks with aqua skinny jeans with a "dream big" t-shirt, and black highheels. She dries her hair, and puts it into a simple bun. She grabs her grey book bag, then heads downstairs. 

"Have a great day at school!" Her mother calls, as she heads out the door.

"Bye!" Lydia calls, as she heads into Allison's car.

"Hey, Ally!" She greets, while buckling her seatbelt. 

"Hey, Lydia." She says, as she drives towards the school.

"You know, there's a test today in History." Allison starts, as she turns on a street.

"There is?" Lydia says, while applying red lipstick to her plump lips. "Easy A." She smiles, perfecting her lips in the mirror. Allison smiles and laughs. They pull into the parking lot of their school. Beacon Hills High School. 

"Hey, I see Stiles and Scott." Allison announces. Lydia looks over to the two boys, messing with eachother. She shakes her head, and grabs her bookbag. "Doofs." Allison giggles. 

"Let's go." Lydia sighs, as she heads towards the school.  

Stiles looks onto Scott's notebook curiously, shaking his head.

"Ouu, let's see what Scott is writing over here!" Stiles says, picking up his notebook. It has a drawing of Lydia, a pretty accurate one, actually. Lydia's at her desk, staring at the board. 

"Wow, you're pretty good, or you're pretty creepy." Stiles giggles. "what's up with drawing her? Here's a picture of her from yesterday." He flips the notebook over. 

"Look, I really like her, okay? Now buzz off." Scott scoffs, taking his notebook back. 

"If you like her so much, ask her out." Stiles groans. 

"Not yet." Scott says, closing his notebook shut.

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Here are what the characters look like.


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