One has the powers of light. Other has the powers of dark. What happens when they meet?
— Quote of the book.

Oh No! is a brand new original story by DancingAlone. The first chapter is going to be released on May 24, 2015.


Sylvia is a good girl. She has all the traits of the typical good girl. Normal, right? Well, not really, because she has powers. On the other hand, Skyler is a bad girl. She's the definition of "rebel". But, she also has powers. Dark powers. After Sylvia runs away from her home to Miami, she comes across Skyler. They instantly sense that they're opposites, and become the worst of enemies. After Sylvia hears about Skyler's rebellion against light magic, it's up to her to create her own rebellion and stop Skyler before she does anything she'll regret.


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