Hey, People reading this right now! I'm you're typical 16 year old girl who lives on there computer watching
random videos of kittens on youtube at like 3am.... Ok Maybe i'm not that normal... But being me is awesome, because secretly i'm a magical wizard! But, shhh don't tell anyone.

So i'm pretty but additied to Austin And Ally, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, and last but not least (Shout out to fellow Canadians...) The Next Step! (JILEY WILL HAPPEN)

And if you want to be my friend it's really easy! Just make me food and I'll marry you!(; 

JUST KIDDING! All you have to do is be a random awesome person like you people are!

But really if you make me food I will love you forever...

Maybe not forever because i'm already in love with "Mr. Manley Showers"... Don't ask... Ok fine his name is Bailey! But I guess i'm not to sure if he/she is a boy or girl so i'll stick with calling you an it... LOVE YOU!

And shout out to everyone on here! Love you all!

Still trying to get over the fact that Esther is Sleeping with Ross... AHAHA! XD

That is all... Maybe not...

But after reading ALL of this you found out the true meaning of Olivia! It's that...

I'm Werid!



P.S This is a page where I post stuff that I like so yeah...