Everyone has a secret talent. Frankly, I haven't discovered mine yet. But have you? It can be anything! Maybe you're an amazing singer! Or maybe you're an awesome artist! Or maybe you can fit a massive number of maltesars in your mouth! (I saw Ed Sheeran do this ;)) It can be anything! As long as it's your talent that you're proud of. If you have a crazy talent, tell us below!


Talents! Edit

  • Forever - Awesome Artist wooo XD (It's my talent and passion.... though I do get rather impatient with perfecting it. XD)
  • Madi - None (Unless being able to listen for music for days on end with no breaks or holding out notes for a long time counts)
  • Claire-killing people,when i sing there's 3763 wounded and 11234567890-1 dead :)
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