WELCOME, to Camp Half Blood! The home to all Greek demigods! My name is Mel, and I am a daughter of Apollo. In case you don't know this already, a Demi God is the son or daughter of a god or goddess. In this case, the Greek Gods and Goddess. I will be happy to show you around, and introduce you to a few special campers! I wish you the best of luck. :)

What is a Demi-God, and what do I do here?Edit

So, as I said earlier, welcome to Camp Half Blood! I bet you are full of questions right now, and I am here to help answer them all. First. What IS a Demi-God? I'm glad you asked. A Demi-God is the son of daughter of a God or Goddess. They are Half Human, Half Mortal. Some have extraordinary powers. Next, what do I do here?. Well, Camp Half Blood is one of the only safe grounds for kids like us. The tree you see at the top of the hill, the one with the dragon wrapped around it, is called Thalia's tree. It protects the borders from monsters, and mortals. Here, you will learn to train, and fight monsters, as well as fighting techniques. You will be claimed by your Mother or Father, and you will meet your siblings. Now, lets go introduce you to some campers shall we?

Who Are You and Whose Cabin Are You In?Edit

  • Tegan-Poisedon Cabin
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