Queen Katherine, is a character in Crystal Kingdoms, a story in the works by Dancegirl45 (KPOP). She is the Water 


Queen. This character is Dancegirl's (KPOP's) character.


Katherine is 16 year-old queen, who has long, wavy, black hair. She usually wear long blue dresses, and she has dark blue eyes. Her kingdom is called Waterdrop Kingdom. She has two pets, Misty, a dolphin who can control water, and Maurice, a small blue butterfly, who can go 40 times it's size, and also has magic. 

From Left to Right: KPOP, Esther


She is very sweet, shy, and outgoing. She doesn't talk that much, because she doesn't know the other royals that much. Katherine spends most of her time outside, watching the horse, taking care of her pets, and writing poetry.


Katherine always had a wonderful childhood. She loved her parents and siblings. Her life was amazing as one of the Water Princesses. Until her brother, the villian in the story, turned evil. He wanted all of the power to himself, and wanted to rule over all of the kingdoms. This caused the kingdoms to not trust each other anymore. But before this happened, the kingdom rulers combined their powers, and forced the Water Prince to leave. After her parents were too old to rule, her sister, Annabelle, took over the kingdom. Yet, even though the kingdom adored Annabelle, she stepped down, and gave the throne to Katherine, and told her ,"You'll be the best. You'll bring the peace to the kingdoms. I know you will."

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