Hey! I was thinking. "Why not make a Trauzlly page?" But. I wanted to make the Friendship between the cast. So after some more thinking Rarlum was born! Confused? It's R/oss + R/a/ini + Lau/r/a + Ca/lum, and for the show pairing, it's Tr/ish + Au/stin + De/z + A/lly :) If you ship this amazing friendship add your name here! :D

Austin & Ally Cast ♡

Austin & Ally Cast ♡

Rarlum/Trauzlly ShippersEdit

  • KLA (OMG Their friendship is beautiful! :D)
  • Corey!! (Awesome Friendship) :D :)
  • Esther
  • Jayla (Beautiful! (': )
  • Madi
  • Krissy (I think this is better than Auslly! Its such a beautiful friendship)
  • Forever (I love their friendship ^_^ )
  • Scream (They are Rossome friends! ♥♥♥)
  • Jessica (:
  • Ari - Aww! Love them all so much!
  • Melody (Best group of friends EVERRRR!!!! <333)
  • Auslly12 (I've never seen an AWESOMER group of friends <33)
  • Chloe (An amazing friendship)


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