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Resther is the friend/romatic relationship between Ross Lynch and Esther (: (BomBom6206) They havent met yet but when they will sparks would probably fly like on the 4th of July!!  Also Resther is totally better than Relody by a long shot!! So Ship Resther XD It's so adorable!

Do you ship Ross and Esther? Write your name here!! xD

Resther shippers:Edit
  • Perry
  • Veronica (:
  • Esther ( ehhh who is Resther again?!?)
  • Summer!!! XD
  • KLA :P
  • Madi B)
  • Scream ;)
  • Tegan
  • Jayla (YES Resther BETTER Get Together :P)
  • Auslly12 :)
  • Michelle :)
  • Rossay (Resther FTWWWW)
  • Olivia

Other Names:Edit

  • Eoss
    Always - R5 Lyric Video (Download Link)

    Always - R5 Lyric Video (Download Link)

  • Esoss
  • Esss
  • Estoss
  • Estss
  • Esthoss
  • Eross
  • Rosther
  • Roesther
  • Estheross
  • Rostherss

Resther MomentsEdit

  • Ross said in a video that he would date a fan <3
  • Esther sent Ross a tweet to go to wiki prom when the first wiki prom happened
  • Esther said she would dream with Ross on July 17th 2013
  • Ross Was Esther's Profile Pic. She only changed it for twinsies day. :P
  • She Said She's Madly In Love With Him.

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