Rossica is the wonderful romantic pairing of Ross Lynch and Jessica (Dechel-Auslly-Flyna). They haven't
met yet but Jessica is obsessed with him and has a whole bedroom wall dedicated to him <3333 

Other NamesEdit

Jess (Je/ssica) and Ross (Ro/ss)

Rossica MomentsEdit

  • Jessica bought three whole magazines and ripped out three massive Ross Lynch posters out of them and stuck them to her wall. She also cut out some magazine articles and stuck them on that wall
  • Jessica always calls Ross her boyfriend whenever he comes on the TV or on her iPod
  • Jessica watched the live Ross Lynch and Laura Marano live chat in March 2013
  • Jessica pretended that Ross was at her house
  • Jessica always sings Austin & Ally and R5 songs out loud every single day of her life and knows the songs off by heart
  • Jessica cried when he appeared on FanFest because she loved him so much
  • Jessica keeps on watching Teen Beach Movie over and over again just because to see Ross Lynch rock a leather jacket
  • Jessica admitted to be a massive Rossian :))))))))
  • Jessica did and studied Ross for a school assignment



  • The third and forth letters in both their names are double 's'
  • They're both favourite colours are yellow
  • The both love to sing!


  • Ross has blonde hair and Jessica has brown hair
  • Ross is male and Jessica is female (imagine if I wasn't?! O.O)
  • Ross is in a band and Jessica is not
  • Ross is famous and Jessica is not
  • Ross has 3 brothers and Jessica has none
  • Ross has 1 sister and Jessica has 2
  • Jessica loves Ross so much but Ross hasn't met Jessica yet
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