Michael Jackson - Scream

Michael Jackson - Scream

Scream by Michael Jackson ^_^

Usher - Scream (Filmed at FUERZA BRUTA NYC SHOW)

Usher - Scream (Filmed at FUERZA BRUTA NYC SHOW)


Ok, so I have thought a lot about this wiki and in doing so, I have realised that it almost looks like a have created a wiki where everybody falls out, gets upset, and leaves. And you may find this bizarre, but on the Friday night I made this wiki, fighting wasn't really what I was going for. Shocker. I am not going to explain this page though, I have let that down to someone else :)

Let it all out!!!Edit

So, lately I have been feeling like I've been causeing trouble here, and I have alot of real life problems, so this page is for just letting it all out, if one of you have real life problems, and you feel bad, just come here! Veronica and Perry created this page for you guys (and me) to just let everything out and this way, we won't cause any drama on the, "Hey what's up?" page. So come on! Just let out your anger, let out your sadness, just SCREAM!   ~Swiftie

Scream And Shout - Will.I.AM ft

Scream And Shout - Will.I.AM ft. Britney Spears (Super Clean) HD

Don't be afraid!Edit

Why are you still just sitting there?! Come on and let it 

all out! Don't be shy! Just SCREAM! And SHOUT!


No fighting.

No mention of killing yourself.

No name calling.

No being rude.

No making yourself feel worse.

No moaning about feeling ignored.

If any of these happen, I will delete your comment 

and block you for a reasonable amount of time. Make peace, not war.

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