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Okay so. i created this page because i believe in bigfoot. and i have found evidence for myself, and i know most of you guys are probably looking at this page and thinking i'm crazy, and saying "Bigfoot is not real!" but i just think there has been way too many sightings around the world. it's okay if you don't wanna believe. that is your decision :) but please no making fun of the page :P  ~Swiftie

About BigfootEdit

Bigfoot. or Sasquatch, is a large. bipedal creature ranging from about 6 ft tall. to 9 ft tall. and sometimes even 10 ft tall. but the averge height is 7 ft, ten inches, and they can weigh as much as 500 pounds,  and it is related to the gorilla family,  There has been many sightings of Bigfoot all around the world. many tracks have been casted, many videos and pictures have been captured for decades, The Sasquatch is a very elusive creature, that is why they have never actually been captured by people.  many people believe it is just a myth, many believe it is true, And some people half believe and half doubt in it, Bigfoot's are said to live all around the world. in the forests of Oregon, in upstate new york. And many other places,  And i have also found evidence for myself. i was taking a walk with my mom one night, and we were walking on a dirt hill. and she was waving her flashlight around, and when she pointed it down i said "Wait...stop" i saw these HUGE footprints, but i didn't have a measuring tape with me, so, i went back the next night, and i measured it, it was 16 inches long, however, i didn't think to measure the length, but it was still a very big footprint, and it had no instep like humans do. and it has at least four or five toes,

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