Whatever you want Wiki
Whatever you want Wiki

Since pretty much anyone has this I thought I would plus Im bored so yeah Things i like to do Dance (Ballet


and screwball(its random dancing) ) Sing (though I sound like a dying cat) Draw(Though Im not ber good at it) School (*dez voice* NERD ALERT) My Internet/real life

  • Vally
  • Marley
  • claire
  • corey
  • madi
  • vero
  • sean
  • andre
  • william
  • Lily
  • Sophia
  • Heather
  • Hayley(this is a real life hayley)
  • hayley(this is the internet one)
  • brett
  • brad
  • swiftie
  • jayla
  • caroline
  • trisha

(The list goes on) I would describe my self as annoying, shy, and quiet. My fave pics:(as you can tell mostly raura)