Self-Harm awareness ribbon.

 Hey guys! Well I decided that since there are some users that cut themselves on the wiki and that we will have a Stop Self Harm Day on October 10th that we should make a page to help support people who harm themselves. ~ Scream

Why People Harm ThemselvesEdit

People have different reasons for harming themselves. Some people have mental disorders such has bipolar disorder and depression. Abuse and bullying is also a cause for self harm. But there are even more causes for self harm.


March 1 is Self-Injury Awareness Day. On October 10th we will have a a Stop Self Harm Day to help wikia users who harm themselves.


If you harm yourself talk to someone you trust about it. It could be your parents, a teacher, a guidence councelor, or anyone you trust. There are people who can give you proffesional help such as psychiatrists. There are also websites to help people whe harm themselves.

Our SupportEdit

Write your messages of support.

Even though I don't self harm I am here for everyone who does. Remember that you are not alone. You have your family and friends and everyone on the wiki here to help and support you. And remember that you can get proffesional help and support. ~ Scream


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