Heyyyy!! I love very single one of you! (As a friend xD)

About MeEdit

Hey guys!! I'm summer and you must have probably seen me on chat and other pages. Anyway coming to the point, This wiki is seriously a place I come to everyday, its like- A part of me! Yeah it's that special to me. I really LOVE music! I can't live without it! I've got lots of favorite singers, but my top 2 are Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift! They literally have pure music!! I also play lots of sports, I was trained in tennis and swimming, but I also play table tennis. I love to sing, but I'm not really very good at it. Also, I love Italian cuisine! It's delicious!! Btw, love you guys!

Random facts about me :D Edit

  • I sometimes HATE and sometimes I LOVE meeting new people!! I know its weird.. XD
  • I'm not exactly a person who says that for the person who hates me I don't care about them, but I don't really feel that way and just tell it to myself.. "Every person has their own opinion and just let it go.." Anyway it's not necessary I'm always as innocent XD
  • I LOVE reading and creative writing!!!
  • I do a lot of stuff, and I just love it today and get sick of it tomorrow XD

People I'm most connected to-Edit

Taylor Swifts number one fan aka Swiftie-

She's my best friend ever! She's a very sweet 12 year old, and she's seriously like my twin! We both love purple, we love Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, we talk in a similar way, and we treat each other like sisters! So..LYLAS!

Veronicalovesauslly4life aka Veronica-

She's a very straight forward, awesome and amazing 16 year old! She never treats me like a kid or something, she's just.....AWESOME!!!!!! Love ya! <3

CharlieB14 aka Charlie-

He's the founder of this wiki, and I really love talking to him. I met him on the Austin and Ally wiki :)

Music Mel aka Mel/Melissa-

She's a sweet girl and she's really close to Sam! (I'msammyandiknowit)

Caroline:)Freak aka Caroline-

She's a so cool and one of theeeeee most amazing person "I've ever met!"

Coolcoreycat13 aka Corey/ Elizabeth-

She's a very sweet food lover XD No but she's really cool :)

XoxoKrystal aka krissy-

She's my best friend in real life and she's amazing!!

Madi- she's an Awesome gurrl!

TeganxD aka tegan-

Wow tegan and Veronica are similar xD

If I didn't add you, don't think I hate you!! I might have a memory loss at times xD

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