As of August 20,2013 This Is the Description on the bw2 part 77.

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Edit: Chrono Trigger is planned to begin on August 25th. Date is subject to change.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am currently on vacation and not home at the time of uploading this video. All videos until the end of the walkthrough were reviewed by Kyoushiro prior to going live so there shouldn't be issues, but if any exist, I cannot address them until I am home.

Also Note: YouTube has made my recent videos pixelated and fuzzy during some natural in-game transitions. This is an issue related to YouTube and not my personal editing, my exported versions look perfectly fine on my computer. Because I am on vacation, I did not have the time to discover the cause of the problem, I'm sorry.

Thus ends another walkthrough. For anybody wondering, I will be starting my next walkthrough, Chrono Trigger in about a weeks time. I don't have all of my plans ironed out yet but I also have a small side project I'm working on as well. Yes, I will *PROBABLY* do Pokemon X and Y sometime after its release if you're looking for more Pokemon.

Walkthrough Credits

SS Productions If it wasn't obvious enough, all parts of this walkthrough are commentated, edited, produced, uploaded, and arranged by myself. All content not owned by me is property of it's respective owner(s) where credit has been given, if I have forgotten you, please contact me and I shall add you to the list, not that there are actually many people who helped me to begin with so I doubt I forgot anybody. All videos both visual and audio are owned myself and Maker Studios. Use of these videos or any content in them without given permission is prohibited.

Art Contributions XeroDragon12 made the drawing on the outro screen..

Special Thanks to Kyoushiro She assisted me in editing from time to time as well as reviewed each video before it went live to double check my editing. So for everybody who said "first" in the comments, you weren't first. =D

For this walkthrough, I used a Canon Vixia HD Camcorder and a 3DS Capture Card and I use Pinnacle 14, Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Photo Shop for editing.

Obviously thanks to everyone who made the game as well as the respective gaming companies for allowing TGS/Polaris partners the rights to make these videos.

A final special thanks to TheGameStation/Polaris for allowing me the opportunity to have YouTube partnership and any other opportunities they have provided me.

Thank You Everyone for Watching my Pokemon BW2 Walkthrough!

The End

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