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Hey guys, so i created this page to show you all the songs and poems i have written! :) I haven't written that meny songs, i'm working on one now, but i have written more poems :) so i decided to share them with you guys! :)   ~Swiftie

These are really good! ~Vero

My Songs[]

I've never felt this way before,

I try not to think about you

but i just love you more.

And you've got those beautiful hazel eyes

and i wish they would stare right into mine,

woah-oh oh oh oh

woah-oh oh oh oh

I just wish you were right here beside me

But you've always got somewhere else to be


Oh baby i want you with me

But we live in different cities.oh,

And you don't even know about me.

i wish you knew i wanna hug you.

i wish you knew i wanna kiss you.

i wish you knew how much you mean to me.

i wish you knew i want you here.

i wish you knew how much i wish you were mine.

i just wish you knew,

(This song isn't finishes yet, i'm still working on it)   ~Swiftie

My Poems[]

I didn't know what to say

you came and took my happiness away.

I was crying,

you just walked away,

Did you mean what you said?

i sat down and said

thought you were the person i needed.

But your words broke me into One Million Pieces,

~This poem is called "One Million Pieces".

You think you are alone

but you are not.

You are special

and you are adored by lots.

You are funny. you are kind.

And you are talented all at the same time.

Your too amazing and incredible to take your own life.

Trust me, you are one of a kind,

I know your sad

but i know you can stay strong,

And you wont be sad for long,

So please. take care of yourself.

Stay awesome and fearless

and take care of your health,

We all love you

and don't you forget that,

and stay strong, through the good and bad,

~This Poem is called "Stay Strong".