Hey! Madi here. A while back, probably late 2012, I made a TV show. So, I used to be obsessed with Club Penguin. OBSESSED. So, I took some of my best friends and made a TV show with them. Since my character's life is so insane.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Madison "Madi" Asher-Madi Asher's CP name is Madi60516 . She is the main character. She is a fire werewolf who goes on crazy adventures everyday. She is the youngest of the group, and shortest.

Destiny Lee-Destiny Lee is the actual name of my best friend's old penguin. She plays Madi's best friend and her opposite. She is a werewolf.

Peanut Freak-Peanut's name is Peanut Freak with numbers. He is as adventurous and curious as Madi, which helps a lot in tough situations. H is dating Destiny.

James Gihan-James's name is James with numbers. He is one of the oldest behind Swirly and Dash. He is very down-to-earth and determined.

Dashatonic "Dash" Layi-Dash's name is Dashatonic. He is the oldest of the group. Dash is very random, but is able to stay focused to help the group.

Swirly Cake-Swirly's name is Swirlycake with numbers. She is strange, random, and sometimes weird, meaning she has to really be pushed to get mad.

Pixie Anaplay-Pixie's name is Pixie 7d7. She is very mysterious and quiet. She is also a werevamp.

Chuachay "Chu" Unal-Chu is the light of the group. She makes people laugh when they're sad, and keep the group upbeat when they need to focus.

This Isn't Gonna Be On Here...[edit | edit source]

There is a wiki for it, though. It's under my favorite wiki's if you're interested.

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