Hey! Madi here. A while back, probably late 2012, I made a TV show. So, I used to be obsessed with Club Penguin. OBSESSED. So, I took some of my best friends and made a TV show with them. Since my character's life is so insane.


Madison "Madi" Asher-Madi Asher's CP name is Madi60516 . She is the main character. She is a fire werewolf who goes on crazy adventures everyday. She is the youngest of the group, and shortest.

Destiny Lee-Destiny Lee is the actual name of my best friend's old penguin. She plays Madi's best friend and her opposite. She is a werewolf.

Peanut Freak-Peanut's name is Peanut Freak with numbers. He is as adventurous and curious as Madi, which helps a lot in tough situations. H is dating Destiny.

James Gihan-James's name is James with numbers. He is one of the oldest behind Swirly and Dash. He is very down-to-earth and determined.

Dashatonic "Dash" Layi-Dash's name is Dashatonic. He is the oldest of the group. Dash is very random, but is able to stay focused to help the group.

Swirly Cake-Swirly's name is Swirlycake with numbers. She is strange, random, and sometimes weird, meaning she has to really be pushed to get mad.

Pixie Anaplay-Pixie's name is Pixie 7d7. She is very mysterious and quiet. She is also a werevamp.

Chuachay "Chu" Unal-Chu is the light of the group. She makes people laugh when they're sad, and keep the group upbeat when they need to focus.

This Isn't Gonna Be On Here...Edit

There is a wiki for it, though. It's under my favorite wiki's if you're interested.

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