What happens when a portal opens up and two Nutters meet each other?

Nutter-1: Ummm hi?

Nutter-2: Who are you and why do you look like me?

Nutter-1: I'm Nutta :D :D :D :D :D

Nutter-2: ...I can see that.

Nutter-1: Who are you?

Nutter-2: I'm Twilight Sparkle from Equestria.

Nutter-1: Oh... hi Twilight!

Nutter-2: -.-

Nutter-1: ...What?

Nutter-2: Do I need to explain it???

Nutter-1: Probably.

Nutter-2: (sighs) Basically, there's this weird rift, and it's connecting two dimensions. I'm from one dimension and you're from the other.

Nutter-1: ...Oh... So how are we seeing each other?

Nutter-2: Let me try to be clear.

Nutter-1: That would be so cool! Then I could see your bones.

Nutter-2: That's... not what I...

Nutter-1: Sorry, I had to make the reference!

Nutter-2: What reference???

Nutter-1: To ANT Farm! Seriously watch some TV!

Nutter-2: TV is pointless.

Nutter-1: :O HOW DARE YOU?!

Nutter-2: ...Are we sure we don't just, coincidentally have the same face.

Nutter-1: We probably don't.

Nutter-2: ...Fine...

Nutter-1: So want to watch some A&A? I think Real Life & Reel Life is on.

Nutter-2: ...What's A&A? What's Real Life & Reel Life???

Nutter-1: Austin & Ally! And it's the episode where Auslly kiss!

Nutter-2: ...Ok 1, it's "Auslly kisses". And two, who's Auslly and who is he kissing?!

Nutter-1: Auslly isn't a person, it's Austin and Ally. And they KISS each other.

Nutter-2: So the show kisses itself???

Nutter-1: NO DU-- ...Can we go with the coincidence idea?

Nutter-2: Sure.

Nutters: Seeya!

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