Theodore Jr.
Last Reported Age
37[1] 38[2]

39[3] 41[4] 44[5] 47[6] 51[7]



Theo also known as Teddy[8] (Primarily Born May,12,1976 But also Born Other Dates) is a major character in the Meaux Show. He is Evan's Step-Dad and is planned to be married to Karin. He presumed to be 37 but many other ages have been mentioned.


Theo is fully bald, he wears different shirts but usually the shirts have dark or bland colors, he almost always wears jeans.

As a child

Theo was a young only-child (for 17 years) he had parents a mom and a dad, he never liked his dad and later Theo had a Step-Dad. Theo spent 24 years in new Zealand, for all these years he learned many things in his life.


Theo has:
1 Half-Sister
1 Father
1 Mother
1 Step Father


Theo has traveled to many places in his life[9] including places such as Dubai[10] 43 states in the U.S.[11] and 11 other countries[12].

Hair Loss

Theo lost his hair when he was 24[13] he started shaving all his hair off at about 17, soon his hair never grew back... Later at age 33 Theo started to grow slight hair but then from stress Theo's hair stopped growing and he became bald again.


Theo almost looks the same in the three of seven future episodes; Theo was balled and had just a more modern version of his old clothes. Theo started to have wrinkles under his eyes at 44[14]. In 1 episodes Theo had 8 Children some with a lady named Rose and some with Karin. In another future episode Theo was 69 but had almost no wrinkles.


Theo has a nice and strict personality, he seems to be stressed as of 2007-2010.

Bella And Zeus

Theo thinks of his dogs Bella and Zeus almost as his other son and daughter, he is very caring for his dogs including when bloody Bella aired it showed his putting a cast that said doggy love on it.


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