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Current TipsEdit

How to: Become AmbidextrousEdit

  1. Your brain isn't hardwired for it yet. Try doing it. Comb your hair, shave and brush your teeth with your other hand. Do this for about a week, and you'll be okay. Try editing your mouse controls to the opposite hand.
  2. Eat something non-messy with a spoon. Try macaroni. It works well!
  3. Be patient! Ever seen a young child write, draw, open cans, and other things for the first time? It takes patience and practice! Don't get frustrated! Try writing, with your non dominant hand "perfect patience" until the page is filled.
  4. Write your alphabet. First write it all lowercase. Then all uppercase. Try this once a day.
  5. Volleyball & Tennis. Either of these sports are fine. Hit the tennis ball with a racket in your other hand, or serve with your other hand.
  6. It's time for cursive! Write the cursive alphabet once a day, but keep doing the print alphabet!
  7. Hold your hand normely. Don't make it hurt when you hold pencils! Hold them with your dominant hand. Then place the fingers in the same position, ex: put your opposite thumb where your dominant once is.
  8. You're still learning. Do stuff with your other hand a lot by now, but still, go about 10-15 minutes then reward yourself with your dominant hand time!
  9. Work it more every day. Go from simple paint strokes to advanced paint strokes and other things like this.

Keep going, and soon you'll be rightie and leftie!

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