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Ah, all tomboys have them-Tomboy problems. The tomboy lifestyle isn't easy, but it's worth it! Now, you can list 200your tomboy problems all in 1 list!


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  • Madi (Oh, you know, only the biggest tomboy ever..)
  • Jessica (Sort of)
  • Sophia (mostly tomboy however doesn’t mind wearing skirts or dresses, but only certain kinds of dresses like ones with a shorter skirt part)


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    Girl: Omg, I'm so excited for what's on tonight! Me: Yeah! Her: A fashion show! Me: Hockey! Us: ... -Madi
  • Being basically the only tomboy in your school -Madi
  • Another tomboy joins your group of friends and she gets all the tomboy cred -_- -Madi
  • While my cousin is screaming about the Barbie doll she got for Christmas, I have the same reaction to my tickets to a rock concert.-Madi
  • When you actually do have a girly friend IRL but they never understand half of what you say because it's about sports or something -Madi
  • Nobody except your friend who fakes knowing your favorite bands even wants to go to the Candlebox concert which is happening at the local theatre-Sophia
  • Your teacher hates you for being yourself
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