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ANT FarmEdit

Narrator Chyna: That was when I realized these were my last moments on earth!

Episode Chyna: What?! No, don't say that! I'll think of something!

Chyna:  Fletcher, you pretend to be Graham, and Olive, you pretend to be Olive.

Olive: (gasps) I've been preparing for this role my entire life!

Narrator Chyna: And that's when I thought of a plan.

Episode Chyna: I did?! Well tell me what it is!!!

Good Luck CharlieEdit

Kelsey: I am NOT over-dramatic!

Vonnie: She said over-dramatically...

Austin & AllyEdit

Austin: Dez, you pretend to be Dallas, and Ally, you pretend to be Ally.

Dez: Aw... I wanted to be Ally...

Austin: Dez, we've talked about this!

Ultimate Spider-ManEdit

Iron Man: Kid, you're such a pain in my- (crashes into a wall)

Spider-Man: Neck! He was gonna say neck! (chuckles nervously)

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